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Neverland Books is an independent publisher which annually releases fantasy anthologies. 

We also provide editorial services at economical prices to help you with your publishing needs. 



Neverland's Library



Neverland's Shadow's



Neverland Books is dedicated to producing quality fiction that will appeal to lovers of fantasy literature, both young and old alike. We pride ourselves in keeping our fans and authors involved each and every step of the process. We've been blessed to have the opportunity to work with many amazing and talented authors and individuals in the writing community and look forward releasing content that people will read and love.


Our first title, Neverland's Library, is scheduled to release in March 2014. We're excited to reveal the finalized ToC below!

Tad Williams - Introduction

Mark Lawrence - Deception

Marie Brennan - Centuries of Kings

Tim Marquitz - Redemption at Knife’s End

Kenny Soward - The Machine

Stephen McQuiggan - Redfern’s Slipper

William Meikle - The Last Magician

Ian Creasey - Restoring the Magic

Peter Rawlik - The Rendition of Ephraim Waite

R.S. Belcher - An Equity in Dust

Joseph Lallo - The Stump and the Spire

Jeffrey J. Mariotte and Marsheila Rockwell - A Soul in the Hand

Jeff Salyards - The Height of our Fathers

Miles Cameron - The Tomb

Keith Gouveia - Fire Walker

Betsy Dornbusch - Season of the Soulless

Brian Staveley - Dead Ox Falls

Teresa Frohock - Love, Crystal and Stone

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